Web Site Design

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We have been designing professional Web sites for over 20 years. Years ago, just having a Web site made your company special. The same can’t be said today. If you don’t have a Web site or you’re using a do-it-yourself-Website-in-a-box, you are already one step behind your competition and are likely losing customers.

Your Web Design Studio

What makes a good Web site design? Is it color? Page layout? Fonts? Or is it all those Internet Web Design buzz words like php, css, and html. We think good Web design is all of those things combined with web design inspiration and a focus on the core elements that your business needs to succeed online. We’re local Web designers that can help with Web design for a CMS, or regular html web design. Check our Web designer portfolio to see several custom Web designs.

What about SEO and Good Web Design Coding Practices

When you hire Melriks Design, Inc., as your web design consultant, you’re picking a company that has

  • Worked on Web sites large and small.
  • Cleaned up hacked Web sites.
  • Understands Search Engine Optimization and the impact of Web site design on SEO
  • Believes in clean Web design code and fast loading web pages
  • Knows that Web design is one step of a complete Web design process
  • Creates Web designs that can be coded (because we also write our designs into html code).

How to Design a Web Site

Pink WebsiteWondering how a Web site is created? Let Melriks Design work with you to build a site that’s functional, practical and meets your needs. We can do it all for you:

Your Web Design Consultant

If you already have writers or artists on staff, we are happy to work as a part of your in-house Web design team on just the web page coding and content additions. Do you need a subcontractor? We’ll bring our smiles and get-it-done attitude to work for your Web project.

Let’s talk about your next Web design project.