Social Media

Social Media Specialists

There is great potential for business in Social Media. There is also a lot of foolishness. Melriks Design, Inc., can help you build the infrastructure and planning needed to work effectively with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other emerging social media tools.

The Secret to Social Media Success

The simple secret to social media success is persistence. Yes, it is more complicated than that, but to be successful with social media you will need to stick with your program for the duration of the campaign. We have found that many Michigan, do-it-yourself, social media clients get caught up in other aspects of running their business causing their social media campaigns to fall short of desired results.

How to Get Started with Social Media

Call us. That’s the first step with social media. We will work with you to design a complete social media campaign plan. Once the campaign has been approved, we’ll write attention grabbing text and implement the social media campaign for you.

If you feel confident with social media, but just need an extra set of hands to

We can help. Contact Melriks Design, Inc., at 734-707-4020, and let’s talk about the potential for social media in your business.