Large Format Graphics

Creative Posters

From movie posters to fair posters to local theater events, posters are designed to both sell and inform potential customers. Our design team will work with you to create a poster that reflects the theme of your next event and includes all the information your potential attendees need to see.

Effective Billboard Advertising

You have three to five seconds to convey your message when a potential customer is driving by your expensive billboard advertisment. Don’t miss the opportunity with an overly designed, difficult to read billboard. Hire Melriks Design, Inc. We understand that large format publications require a less is more approach.

Our designers are always looking at the world with creative eyes. Watching to see what works and what doesn’t. With nearly 20 years of graphic design experience, we’ve cataloged a lot of posters and billboards that didn’t work. We’ve collected notes from the advertising that did work, and we bring that experience to your next project.

Large Format Graphics

Thinking of adding a brick wrap or window graphics to your building, but you’d like to see what they look like before spending money on the printed vinyl. No problem. We create visual mock-ups as part of our large format graphics design process. During the proofing process, we’ll take the vector artwork and apply it to photos of your business. You’ll have a very strong idea of how the project will look long before the sign installers apply the vinyl.

Make the most of your adverting dollars by working with a local graphics firm that understands large format graphics. Call Melriks Design at 734-707-4020.